The Freedom Festival

On September 28 and 29th with support from Assemblyman Mike Gipson through the Break It to Make It the partnership between Los Angeles City college, Strindberg Laboratory and the Los Angeles Mission and Los Angeles City College hosted their first ever Freedom Festival. The Freedom Festival celebrated freedom for everyone, including those coming home from correctional facilities. The event showcased a wide variety of art, performances and speeches as well as booths with information on housing and educational and employment opportunities.



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Free Yo’ Mind

Free Yo’ Mind

Free Yo’ Mind was part of The Break it to Make It program’s “Freedom Festival” at Los Angeles City College. The actors were participants of workshops with The Los Angeles Mission. All of the actors who participated in the production received two transferable college credits. The play was about people who are striving to overcome their trials and tribulations by using the advice and wisdom of Martin Luther King’s “What Is In Your Life’s Blueprint” speech to help them find their way to a brighter and more just future.