The Strindberg Laboratory, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 tax deductible organization, is focused on bringing hope to segments of society affected by the increasing gap between rich and poor. We are one of the only theater companies in Los Angeles County whose members consist entirely of people whom are formerly incarcerated and provide theater workshops both inside Los Angeles County Jails and California State Prisons.

The Strindberg Laboratory’s reentry program provides jobs, education opportunities and reentry services allowing our members to succeed upon release from a correctional institution. The workshops that we provide for local community organizations and original theater productions allows us to build a creative dialogue and relationship with diverse communities and bring communities together.

We thank the Vortex for the generous donation of rehearsal space and the Los Angeles Arts Commission for their generous support.

Board of Directors

Michael Bierman – Founder and President Strindberg Laboratory
Meri Pakarinen – Founder and Artistic Director Strindberg Laboratory
Judith Mahoney – Painter and Visual Arts Instructor
Elizabeth Beltran – Former Board Member FACT FAMILY
Betty Halle – Manager at Samoa Affairs
Mary Beth Barber – Special Projects Coordinator

Board Advisers

James Ulmer – President at The Ulmer Scale
Lamont Jackson– Former Student Trustee of Los Angeles Community College District.
Dierdre Laughton -Artist
Stanley Parvin– Parvin Foundation
Bart Lanni – former sherrif created K6G unit in Men’s central jail

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